Oat Drop cookies

Hey there gang! I’m so glad to be back in the kitchen cooking away.  The summer madness has died down and left me with a few spare moments to get a little creative.

Mr. Carnivore has recently developed a pretty big sweet tooth which has really thrown me off. He’s always been a huge cookie fan, but when it comes to pie, cake, brownies, waffles, pancakes, etc he’s always stayed away…until now.  Apparently his obsession with running has triggered some kind of sweets loving monster within and he can’t get enough!  Luckily with all the exercise and his insanely high metabolism his waistline is still trim and fit. Having extra goodies around is more of a problem for ME! I’ve been running and cross training too but I have some pounds to lose. I’m still sporting some baby weight (okay, okay, pre-baby weight too…geez!) and have been working hard to get back into shape.  As a working mama it is incredibly difficult to find time for yourself (can I get an Amen?) so trying to squeeze in a run/workout can be tricky.  We just moved our playroom upstairs though so Jr. Carnivore can be upstairs playing while I’m rockin the treadmill so that helps a lot.

Anyway, I digress… I’ve been on the lookout for recipes that are lower in fat and sugar without using any sugar free, or low fat products.  In my opinion they tend to have a lot of added or artificial ingredients in them so I like to stay away from any low-fat, reduced calorie, no sugar type products as much as possible. Last weekend I found this little gem of a recipe while I was sorting through my Pinterest boards and thought I would give it a whirl.  Bonus…It’s also a vegan recipe if you have loved ones in your life that are vegans that you like to cook for (which I do!) these are the perfect cookie!


No sugar oat drops

adapted from blueberrygirlinoz.blogspot.com

Preheat oven to 350 F.

1 1/2 cups whole rolled oats

1 cup coconut flakes, sweetened or unsweetened…your call (if you use sweetened it adds some sugar..duh)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon allspice

1/4 cup of almond meal

1/2 cup nuts, finely chopped I used almonds & pecans

1 cup dried fruit or chocolate chips

2 medium ripe bananas, mashed

1/3 cup applesauce

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted (or canola oil)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Line baking sheets with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients and spices.
In another bowl mash your banana then add applesauce, melted coconut oil and vanilla extract whisk to combine.

Pour wet ingredients over dry ingredients and stir until well combined. Using a small cookie scoop form small balls of dough on your baking sheets lined with parchment (approximately 1 inch) Once you’ve scooped all of your dough lightly press each ball down about halfway so you have a bit more “cookie like” shape.  Because there aren’t any eggs or leavening in this recipe the dough needs a little help spreading. They won’t spread very much so you don’t have to worry about having them too close together 1/2 inch in between is plenty.


Bake for 20 min.  Let cool and enjoy!

I was genuinely surprised about how tasty these little cookies were.  I was worried the banana flavor would overwhelm the cookie but it doesn’t! The banana adds just the right amount of sweetness so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.  Hooray, a tasty, healthful treat that I can feel good about eating and I hope you try them out too.